What some call “prayer”, others call “meditation”. Still others, who do not consider themselves religious, still find themselves in a reverent state of mind, whispering a blessing to our world.

     Today, when our nation is bombarded with images of fear and violence, even if we don’t call it “prayer”, it is important to protect a place of peace within ourselves.  These are septic conditions for the mind. Just as a poorly kept ponds can breed only snakes and insects, so fearful hearts can only produce stunted and cruel people.

    It has never been more important to understand prayer as giving our hearts to love on behalf of the whole world.  We must join the countless people, religious and not, who whisper a blessing to our world.  We must protect the sanctuary of our hearts from the poison of hatred and fear. When we feel ourselves taken in the poison of fear, we must sit with our fear bathing it with compassion.  By healing our own hearts, we work to heal our world

In addition to the activism so necessary to make a better world, we must also pray or meditate constantly so that we can pass through these times without becoming brutes ourselves. These are dangerous times, but it does not benefit us to live one minute out of our senses.  If it costs our lives to be loving, let us live our last moment as compassionate human beings.