We here at jimrigby.org appreciate irony. To that end, we are establishing the prestigious “Christian Catfish Award.” The fish is a time honored symbol of our faith and the catfish is a bottom feeding scavenger. So this award, will celebrate particularly egregious expressions of pettiness or cruelty made in the name of Christ.

It takes one to know one, and we here at this blog recognize a good bottom feeder when we see one. Our first award will go to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. Rev. Falwell spent a career scapegoating various minorities in the name of Christ. His Liberty University has long combined nationalism and evangelism. Jerry Falwell was talking about making America a theocracy before those Taliban punks had blown up their first sandbox.

And now, as July’s version of Sojourner Magazine will report, Liberty University has added a concentration in “Unmanned Aerial Systems.” That’s right, now godly students can learn to work on drones! Where else can a young man or woman of God can get an education based on the teachings of the Prince of Peace, and also learn to program killer robots that will unleash fire from heaven upon the heathen of the earth and then get to watch the pagans writhe like worms in the pit of hell? Turn the other cheek? I think not!

Thanks to reporter Lainey Rathgeber for finding a worthy recipient for our first Christian Catfish Award. We have also given ourselves an honorable mention in bottom feeding for thinking of this concept in the first place.