As Bush would say, “Mission Accomplished!” The chief architect of the Trojan Horse known as “Obamacare” after effectively killing the public option and delivered America’s health care systems into the jaws of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, is returning to the troughs of corporate America.

It’s called the “revolving door” when people leave jobs within a certain industry to work in Washington regulating those same industries. After a time, they return to the private sector to profit from the changes they have made. Elizabeth Fowler came to work on Obamacare after being a lobbyist for WellPoint, the largest health insurance provider. Not surprising, she mandated that every American must purchase private health insurance, and provided no public alternative.

Her work in Washington done, Ms. Fowler now returns to the private sector:

The pharmaceutical giant that just hired Fowler actively supported the passage of Obamacare through its membership in the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) lobby. Indeed, PhRMA was one of the most aggressive supporters – and most lavish beneficiaries – of the health care bill drafted by Fowler. Mother Jones’ James Ridgeway proclaimed “Big Pharma” the “big winner” in the health care bill. And now, Fowler will receive ample rewards from that same industry as she peddles her influence in government and exploits her experience with its inner workings to work on that industry’s behalf, all of which has been made perfectly legal by the same insular, Versailles-like Washington culture that so lavishly benefits from all of this. -Glen Greenwald