As a nation, we have made a big deal out of attacking the Taliban, but the Taliban are just the “rednecks” of Islam. Anyone raised in the South as I am, knows we have religious groups in the States that could give the Taliban a run for their money. It is only the separation of church and state that keeps our own Bubba’s from drawing blood.

Case in point is, Charlie Fuqua, Republican candidate in Arkansas. He has written a book that calls for the legal execution of disobedient children. The Book is called God’s Law- The Only Political Solution: A Prophecy of the Downfall of the United States or a Blueprint for National Prosperity.

You’ve heard the argument before, the Bible is God’s handbook for humankind. Not, of course, the Bible as understood by a liberal or someone with humanist leanings. But the Bible as understood by the person who wants the power. According to this line of thought, God has a divinely ordained pecking order. Problems in the world come when this order is not honored. So when wives disobey their husbands, when slaves disobey their masters, when subjects disobey their King, then chaos follows.

It isn’t Christianity’s fault, nor Republicans’ fault that they have whacko’s in their midst, but it is very much all of our fault when we do not loudly condemn those who attack others in our name. I realized in seminary that the church’s history should be written in blood not ink. No one can count the women burned as witches, the adulterers stoned, or the heretics murdered when we were in control.

So before our nation launches our crusade against the religious extremists elsewhere, we would be wise to do something to protect citizens from the Christian Taliban in our own midst.