I will admit the article on undecided voters attached below is tacky.  I do not share the author’s disgust toward undecided voters, but I do agree that our fixation on them at election time is unhealthy. These are not philosophers caught between equally possible theories of the world. They are, more likely, just not paying attention in between elections.

When the networks get a panel of undecided voters to discuss every debate, it always feels like I’m listening to Homer Simpson pretending to care about a subject he hasn’t really thought about. I understand voter disillusionment, but when it comes to voting, we’re talking about a duty that cannot be lifted up once every four years. Staying informed is essential to wise voting. If someone isn’t really paying attention in between elections, they are randomizing the entire election process.

As I say, the article below is harsh, but I believe it makes an important point. The author is unfair to make undecided voters sound like bad human beings, but he is right about one thing. If people cannot see a difference between Obama and Romney this late into the game, perhaps they are the last people we should be listening to.