Attention Kmart shoppers!

All you who would rather save a dollar than a life,

There is blood on isle 9.

And today only,

You can hear the screams,

Of factory workers who died in collapsed buildings,

To bring you the new Barbie Dream House.

And who worked dusk until dawn,

At unlivable wages,

To bring you these T-shirts,

Three for ten dollars.

And whose dark brown fingers,

Have brought your children,

This blue eyed doll.


On isle 7,

We have a tribute to the brave marines,

Willing to invade any who would break our yoke.

Willing to crush their hopes ,

Or as we like to say,

Willing to protect American interests.


Why do the heathen rage?

When their servitude,

Creates American jobs,

And make products cheaper for our own poor?

Thus do we play,

The poor against one another,

Rather than curb the appetites of rich,

Whose God is their belly.

And who have subcontracted out with murderous indifference

Their crimes,

They who are the innocent executioners of our manifest destiny.


Why do the heathen rage?

Do they not know,

Whether it is for the pride of a Reagan,

Or the hope of an Obama,

That enslaved workers,

Have always been the invisible hand of the market?


Attention, Kmart shoppers,

You who would rather save a dollar than a life,

Please avoid isle 13, where a mysterious stranger is crying out,

That we have fattened our children for a day of slaughter.

And that the mark of beast,

Is the corporate logo,

On our clothes.


Note: I wrote this after reading the list of companies that refused to sign the Bangladesh Factory Safety Accord