Now that the election is over, US media can return to its PR campaign for attacking Iran. CNN has reported that Iran fired on a US drone.

The CNN report was classic state propaganda. Quoting “unnamed sources” from within the Obama administration, CNN provided us with administration claims, but made no attempt to give any Iranian or third party perspective. The report made no attempt to give historical background, for example that the US has a history of meddling in Iranian internal affairs, nor that the US is currently engaged in bombing other nations in the region using drones, nor that Iran claims to have shot down a US drone in its own air space, and has the drone to prove it. Instead, US media portrays Iran, like every enemy of the US, as sinister and irrational.

Glenn Greenwald who has covered the “Drone Wars” says:

This all reminds me of a debate I did a couple years ago on MSNBC with Arianna Huffington and the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart over Iran and whether it should be viewed as an aggressor and enemy of the US. For most of the debate, MSNBC kept showing scary video footage of a test of a mid-range missile which Iran had just conducted, and then Capehart picked up on that to tell me, in essence: how can you say Iran isn’t aggressive when they’re testing these missiles? Yes, because, clearly, countries of peace (such as the US and Israel) would never do something as belligerent as testing missiles, much like no real Country of Peace would ever want to acquire a nuclear weapon.

Greenwald also lapsed into some sarcasm:

First things first: let us pause for a moment to extend our thoughts and prayers to this US drone. Although it was not physically injured, being shot at by the Iranians – while it was doing nothing other than peacefully minding its own business – must have been a very traumatic experience. I think I speak on behalf of everyone, regardless of political views, when I say that we all wish this brave hero a speedy recovery and hope it is back in full health soon, protecting our freedom.

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