Imagine the Wizard of Oz borrowing $300 million from the Lollypop Guild and blowing it on bad investments. That’s how strange it was for the Guru of Washington dirty politics to crash and burn last Tuesday. Rove’s Super PAC “American Crossroads” was the flagship in the new Armada of corporate money that was supposed to buy this election. Rove convinced billionaires that, if they would empty money into his organization, he would deliver the election on a platter.

Turns out, a handful of billionaires can’t do real grassroots organizing, and so while they can buy the airwaves, they cannot yet buy the Republic.

Rove went into damage control mode after the lose. He blamed Republican loses on the hurricane, on a need to reach out better to Latinos, and so on. But, if Donald Trump is any indication, the billionaires aren’t buying those excuses. After the defeat, Trump tweeted: “Congrats to @KarlRove on blowing $400 million this cycle.”

Karl Rove has run some of the the most vicious, dishonest campaigns in recent history. Many were terrified to think what he would be able to do with a Super PAC. Here is hoping Rove’s 2012 disaster will be the beginning of the end of Citizen’s United.