If we want the common good, then we must make every lesser value relative to that end. We are delusional if we think we can hold the good of any group above the whole and still have peace.  In an effort to align the church where I serve to the common happiness I proposed the following mission statement which is now  included in some of our materials:


We are Presbyterian, yet our first allegiance is to the  gospel of universal love.

We are Christ centered, yet we respect and learn from all religions of love.

We affirm the ancient symbols of our faith, yet we strive to speak a new language that

includes all people and affirms the scientific discoveries of our day.

We hope to teach children stories of the bible without sectarian dogma.

We strive to be a close nurturing community, yet we welcome all people into our midst.

We wish to live in inner peace, yet hear God’s call to work for peace, and for universal

human rights.

We take faith seriously, yet believe the journey should be fun. We celebrate life in many

artistic forms.