Evolution is a necessary topic for any student of human nature. The science of evolution is older than the art of making sense out of what we now know. While religion has no role in saying what the facts are, religion, for me, is how we take the raw timber of science and build a habitable abode in a world too big and complex to ever be understood completely.

The following article is a great starting place for a conversation on evolution and sharing. Some speak of a “selfish gene” and see natural selection only taking place at the level of the individual. Others, as represented by this conversation, believe that we also have been selected to care for our group as well.

This topic has much to say about what it means to work for peace. We cannot fight and overcome our instincts, but can we tame and broaden them so that we can move from fearing each other, to mutual co-operation against the things that really do threaten our existence like disease, poverty and pollution?