Huffington Post has reported that a study of the US military found that demographics have changed dramatically. Perhaps it was the questionable wars, or perhaps it was the broken promises, but the military is no longer a conservative monolythic whole.

While officers still tend to vote overwhelmingly Republican, the enlisted soldiers look very much like the general population.

“Seared by a decade of war and service in a military force that is more ethnically and racially diverse — and includes openly gay troops — more than two million Americans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are powering a shift in electoral politics.”

According to a Reuters study, less than one third of those polled said the Iraq war ended successfully. 42 Percent said the US should leave Afghanistan. Over half said “don’t ask, don’t tell” policies were a mistake.

Surprisingly, military service by a presidential candidate is no longer necessary to many soldiers.

“Some presidents who were excellent as generals weren’t very good as presidents — “Grant, for instance,” said Anne Rawley, a retired Navy captain. “We’ve had excellent wartime presidents with no military background — Lincoln and Roosevelt.”

The number one issues important to veterans? According to this poll it is: access to health care, education, housing and other benefits.