The American Family Association has chosen some strange targets to pick on over the years. They have successfully bullied 7-eleven to stop selling Playboy, Ford to stop advertising in gay magazines, several national chain stores to stop saying “Happy Holidays” and to say “Merry Christmas.” They have called for boycotts against Archie comics, Google, Walt Disney, McDonalds and even Hallmark Cards.

The AFA even attacked an anti-bulling campaign for schools:

“Anti-bullying legislation is … just another thinly veiled attempt to promote the homosexual agenda. No one is in favor of anyone getting bullied for any reason, but these anti-bullying policies become a mechanism for punishing Christian students who believe that homosexual behavior is not something that should be normalized.” Bryan Fischer, director of issue analysis

As if all of that weren’t pathetic enough, now the AFA has decided to begin a campaign against the American Association of Retired People (AARP). And what is the sin of that “fringe group,” as the AFA calls them? On their website AARP has added a place for people to get information that might be useful to elderly GLBT people and their families about the special needs those people might have. The AFA has accused AARP of promoting the “homosexual agenda.” They have said the group is offering “special rights for immoral behavior.”

So here’s my question, and I think it would make a great game show. “Who’s more perverted?” Which is sicker, an elderly group, which seeks to serve all the needs of retired people, including GLBT retirees; or a religious group that can’t seem to keep its mind off of other peoples’ groins, even after they have turned elderly?