“I feel so lost.” Amy Jones muttered as she helped Texas Buddha in his garden. “I just don’t know where to turn. My father says there is a God, but I can’t believe it. Why would God hide from me? I try not to think about it, but I have this restlessness. I have no idea where to begin searching. I don’t even know what I’m searching for, but I can’t get rid of this longing for something. What should I do?”

TB scanned his garden. His eyes fell upon a lone caterpillar on the very tip of a leaf of mint, “Do you see that caterpillar?” Amy nodded. “Like you, it feels a terrible and wonderful longing. It does not need to find a teacher in order to become a butterfly. It only needs to give birth to something already written inside itself.

“Whatever is meant by the word “God” is not something we need to find. It is what is driving our search. We are children of the universe. Our instruction manual is written in our bones. Teachers and books do not give us the call. They only help us recognize it.

“What you are looking for is what has given you birth. You are like a grape and the whole universe is your vine. Whatever is meant by the word “God” is not hiding from you, but waiting to be manifested through you. The guidance you are looking for isn’t in my answers, but in your own questions.”