Code of a Social Justice Ally

This movement is not about me. It is about the persons who have been most affected by this injustice.

They alone are the central face and voice of this movement.

I serve in this movement as an invited guest.

I will not patronize or rescue the people for which I am ally, but will support them in their efforts at self determination.

I will not speak or act on their behalf, but only in consultation and under the direction of those most affected by the oppression

I will recognize my cultural privilege as a part of their oppression, and will broker that privilege on their behalf and under their guidance.

If I disagree with decisions made by the oppressed group, I will either offer my silent support or I will stand down.

I recognize that giving my moment in the spotlight or chair at the table may be the ultimate triumph of an ally.

I will remember at all times that working for justice is not a gift, but a duty.