Following in the wake of other stunning revelations about the President’s troubling past, the Obama camp reeled today as a new video surfaced with more disturbing information.

For four years the Obama Whitehouse has been unable, or unwilling, to produce the umbilical cord that would prove he was born of natural human intercourse. Then, last month, a bombshell video surfaced showing that, as a college student, Obama explored nontraditional ways of looking at the economy. Now another video has surfaced that could very well prove that the infant Obama was a bed wetter.

The grainy home movies are hard to make out, but the bed clearly shows a stain of some sort, and the child in the movie seems to be black. Dr. Jake Sloan, who catalogues Obama conspiracy theories for a Washington think tank, was able to connect those dots and propose a new conspiracy theory that could very well bring the Obama Presidency to its knees.

Liberals will object that most children wet the bed, but most children do not grow up to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom. Nor do they grow up to shake the hands of world leaders with what were once urine soaked fingers.

Even if this President has broken his disgusting habit, is this the kind of example we want to set for our youth? And what would keep a President from wetting your bed or mine, if he once arrogantly wet his own?