Dennis Kucinich is calling for a period of “Truth and Reconciliation” for the United States. “Truth and Reconciliation” was the phrased used in attempts to deconstruct apartheid. Basically the idea is that before a wound can be healed, we must understand and remove whatever caused the wound in the first place.


Dennis Kucinich, is one of the few honest voices in Washington on the subject of the American Empire. In his words:


“Iraq did not pose a threat to the United States. Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction. Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. We were not duped. We were not fooled. It was obvious at the time. The evidence was in publicly available reports for anyone who cared to look. I personally distributed this memo to Members of Congress. In it I address the false justifications for war, point-by-point and establish the truth. I made the case in an hour-long presentation on the House floor. 133 Members of Congress were not duped; they voted against going to war with Iraq. The Bush Administration lied to the Congress and the American people to sell its war. The intelligence community wasn’t duped, The American people were duped we are still paying the price.”

The Iraq War has now cost us more lives than 9-11 for which it was supposed to be the revenge.  Our resulting wars have wasted an amount that would easily pay off our national deficit. The Middle East is more dangerous now than before we began our efforts to make it safer.


Dennis Kucinich is right:

 “America needs a period of truth and reconciliation. How can we avoid future wars if we don’t understand how consent was manufactured for a war against Iraq?”

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