I don’t believe in magic. I believe the laws of physics are a good thing. So when I read a story about Jesus walking on water, I assume I am reading a rabbinic teaching story.

In the rabbinic tradition, such miracle stories were used to teach profound insights about the nature of life, not to ascribe magical powers to superheroes.

The story may very well pre-exist Christianity, as there was an ancient story of Buddha walking upon water.

More importantly, believing in magic alienates us from our ordinary everyday experiences and from nature. I believe such stories are not records of the favorite kid of God violating the laws of nature that have been imposed upon the rest of us, but are poetic revelations of the sacramental nature of being itself.

When we reduce religion to stories of magic we miss the truth the stories may have been intended to reveal- this whole world, though governed by natural laws, is one big miracle.