Speaking for God can be a subtle art. Many would assume that two men committing the same adulterous act would draw the same response from a righteous and impartial judge like Rev. Pat Robertson. Not so. When Bill Clinton had an affair, Prophet Robertson saw it as a wickedness that threatened the integrity of a nation. But when Gen. Petraeus had an affair with Paula Broadwell, many thought he too would receive a rebuke, but Prophet Robertson surprised:

“Who knows?” he said. “The man’s off in a foreign land and he’s lonely and here’s a good looking lady throwing herself at him. I mean, he’s a man.”

The lesson for Bible students is clear. If Bill Clinton had been in a far away country, and Monica Lewinsky had been in better looking, then Rev. Robertson would not have called for his impeachment. It seems confusing. I understand that, to the unskilled, it almost seems that Robertson uses a different standard for his friends and enemies, but remember God’s ways are not our ways.