Now that liberals have won the Biblical debate on homosexuality, and the church must choose between being faithful to scripture or holding on to prejudice, guess what the church decided to give up? This is an amazing verdict. What happens when a denomination is so afraid of change that it throws its rudder at what it fears?

In agreeing with the lower-court decision to censure Rev. Spahr, the commission’s majority wrote that “being faithful to Scripture and the Constitution on other matters does not provide a defense.”

Either the majority report was trying to mislead people by implying that the Spahr case was argued on some other part of scripture, or they were saying our Book of Order now has more authority than Scripture. Either way this is one sick denomination. Why should people trying to be faithful to Christ’s message of inclusion need to be defended from the church in the first place?

When the reporter from the L.A.Times called yesterday, I was still too sad and angry to say anything profound, but, fortunately, others weren’t…

What follows is the Los Angeles Times coverage of the verdict, to read,
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