“Aravosis—a journalist and activist who defended a US Navy sailor for challenging DADT in 1998—learned from a military contact that his website was blocked on the Pentagon’s official computer system. He then had several other contacts take screenshots of websites that were blocked on Pentagon computers. Aravosis discovered that LGBT websites like the Human Rights Campaign blog and OutServe-SLDN, a website co-founded by Air Force officer Josh Seefried that supports gay members of the military, were blocked. Progressive sites like Daily Kos made the blocked list as well. But the conservative websites of Andrew Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, as well as anti-gay rights groups like the National Organization for Marriage and the Family Research Council, were accessible” -Dana Liebelson, Mother Jones

The Department of Defense has issued a statement saying that it does not block LGBT websites on purpose. It claimed that software filters screened certain blog and personal page categories. Insisting that the blocks were accidental, they promised to look into the matter. They did not explain why anti-gay sites with the same features were not blocked, nor why they have not dealt with the issue after over a year of complaints by gay activists.