When I first read the seminaries letter I found it rather benign but after sitting with and seeing a few reactions from my peers it strikes me as a bit of a cowardly stance. I’m all for peacemaking but peace at what cost? If our peace, our mutual pew sharing, comes at the lessoning of one Christian witness over another than I find this call for mutual forbearance similar to a call for those subjugated in other contexts to continue to remain, or rather actively work to keep their lights under a bushel ( starts humming this little light of mine…) If the issue were rather a theological one where we were simply pontificating on whether the host was actually flesh or not this would be an easier place for mutual forbearance as whether the host is flesh or not does not reflect my actual identity as a child of God. As this issue is one of identity, mutual forbearance calls for our brothers and sisters to hold pieces of their identity, their child of God-ness, in stasis so that more light can break in seems to lack a realistic understanding of the queer identity and witness. ( or possibly the just plain old Christian witness) Rev. Remington Johnson M,Div 2012