“People feel like the system is rigged against them, and here is the painful part, they’re right. The system is rigged.” -Elizabeth Warren

I sure wish the US was ready for someone like Elizabeth Warren to be President. I’m afraid we have one more sequel in the Clinton/Bush/Obama tragedies. It will be nice to have a woman president like Hillary, but I’m not sure we can wait 8 years before we begin to radically reform our economy. I’m not sure I can go through 8 more years of the murderous foreign policy she represents.

Until someone recognizes and names the robbery going on by our financial institutions and prosecutes their crimes, we will continue to lose this shell game we call our economy. And until someone can remember that the purpose of a military is to protect the people of our nation, not the economic interests of American corporations, we will continue to have presidents whose job will be to supply noble rhetoric to our acts of barbarity.

But I still have hope. After we have exhausted every other possible option, maybe our wounded nation will try sanity.