Don’t you love studies that prove what most people already knew? But this study is important since the Bush administration shut down government funding for some of these studies on racial injustice.  If ever we get ready to talk about the fact that white supremacy still calls the shots in America, these kinds of studies will be the data trying to awaken sleeping whites on the horrors of the “school to prison pipeline” for Black and Latino kids.

From the Black Agenda Report:

“… a study of Texas Schools by the Council of State Governments concluded that Black and Latino students “were disciplined far more harshly than white students who had committed similar offenses” – just as in the adult criminal justice system, where Blacks face harsher penalties at every stage of the process, from arrest through final charges through length and conditions of incarceration…

New data indicate that Black stigmatization as criminals pervades the nation’s public schools, just as it saturates the larger society. “For teachers and school disciplinarians, just as with street cops and prosecutors, race is the most important factor in who is charged with an offense, and how severe the penalty is.”