If you think all Israeli Jews think alike on the Palestinian issue, or on anything for that matter, you should read the newspaper Haaritz from time to time. Better yet, go to Israel and you will hear some of the most bitter attacks on the treatment of Palestinians coming from loyal Jewish Israelis.

It was at the Holocaust Museum in Israel that I first heard that most of the people who died in the Holocaust weren’t Jewish. There were six million Jews, and seven million non-Jews all of whom were remembered and mourned.

The following article comes from Haaretz and is a scathing satire by an Israeli citizen offering to sell himself to AIPAC. The author is criticising right wing Jews and Christians alike, who call for a war against Iran while hiding safely in the U.S. It’s easy to talk tough from the other side of an ocean.

“More than anything, I am aware that these “lovers of Israel,” those who like to stand next to gigantic blue and white flags, have no interest in improving education in Israel, or bettering the country’s housing or health-care systems, or improving its culture and scientific research. They have no interest in honing the country’s legal system, particularly on matters of religion and state, nor do they care about narrowing gaps between rich and poor, men and women, or Jews and Arabs…

…This is the illusion that allows people to call for the bombing of Iran while they sit in a mansion in Dallas. Or for the eradication of Israel’s democracy while lounging in a winter retreat in Miami. Or the annexation of Judea and Samaria while having a drink at the blackjack table in Las Vegas.”