This is how a real democracy works. It Switzerland where the people can actually vote on the issues that most affect their lives the people have spoken. Their new initiatives would:

limit the mandate of board members to one year

ban certain kinds of compensation, including the so-called golden handshakes or golden parachutes given to executives when they leave a company.

the bonuses received for takeovers, or when a company sells off part of its business.

give shareholders a veto on compensation

and ban big payouts for new and departing managers.

After the biggest robbery in American history not a single banker or Wall Street criminal was arrested and convicted of their crimes. Our own President claimed that everything done by the big banks and financial institutions was legal. Even if that were true, why has he not tried to encourage congress to pass new laws that would make such crimes illegal?

There is a way out of our current slavery and the Swiss have shown it to us. In a democracy, people vote on what their world will look like. When they are being bullied and robbed, they change the laws. We are not a pure democracy but, if the label “democracy” means anything, we should have some say in the matters that affect us most. Perhaps, after several wars to bring democracy to other nations, America should get serious about having democracy in our own.