Texas Freedom Network is an organization started by Cecile Richards (Daughter of Ann) to counterbalance efforts by the religious right to take over education and other aspects of Texas life.

The organization had a briefing yesterday that was very informative. There are bills coming before the state legislature that would:

Cut health care funding to school districts like Pflugerville that give domestic partner benefits.

Bar schools from prohibiting the Ten Commandments.

Protect Texas from Islamic (Sharia) law.

Withhold funds from colleges and universities that do not allow student organizations to discriminate because of race, religion or sexual orientation.

Not allow colleges or university to screen out professors who teach non-scientific theories like creationism

The extreme religious right is always hard at work planting worms deep in the heart of Texas. It is good to know there is an organization like Texas Freedom Network that wants something better for the people of Texas. And, it was good to be in a room filled with clergy who want something better too.