It has always been a tragic mistake to answer scientific questions by looking at the teaching stories of the Bible. The Biblical view that the male seed is placed in the soil of the female is as obsolete as geocentric universe. At this point, every honest person must admit that the world isn’t flat, nor is it motionless, even if the Bible says so. In the same way, we have arrived at a point where every honest person must admit that sexuality isn’t as simple as proposed in the Bible.

If we study biology honestly we must face the fact that sexuality is a continuum, nor a clear polarity. Whatever Genesis says, I did not begin in the womb as a male, but developed those traits as inflections of a more generic humanity.

And, actually, the Bible never claims to be science. It calls us to complexity and open mindedness. Genesis begins with two contradictory creation stories. Anyone who takes the Bible literally from that point, does so in deep denial of the actual text.