The lesson here seems clear, young women can follow their dreams in the U.S., they can be models of self-empowerment and achievement so long as they are willing to strip down and let men leer at them.  Why should talented young women be continuously put in this position? If young women want a career in acting, singing or even sport they will usually live on the margins of their enterprise unless they can be “sexualized” so men will pay attention. If you think I’m overreacting, consider how this same scene would look if it were the story of the men’s track team posing nude to draw interest to the sport? Picture a magazine cover with nude men huddled together smiling out for all the world to see. The picture would be much more uncomfortable because we would instantly recognized the humanity of the men. This story doesn’t raise an eyebrow because we are numb to the objectification of women. We can’t blame these young women, but why would ESPN not focus on the achievement of these dedicated women, instead of stripping them down and parading their nude bodies like race horses?

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