The New York Times reported some very good news today. We are heading into some horrific budget cuts next year. Congress has been debating the cuts in an “across the board” manner. When Sen. McCain asked for a more detailed accounting of what would be cut out of Pentegon spending, Sen. Murray had the brilliant idea to ask the same question of domesting spending. The two requests were bundled and then passed. Perhaps such a study will put faces to the wretched stories this budget will produce.

“In testimony earlier this year, several cabinet secretaries mentioned a few of the specifics — at least 26,000 teachers would be laid off, nearly a million women and children would lose nutrition benefits, 300 national parks fully or partially closed, and large reductions made in food safety and federal aviation operations. The full list will be far longer, and the harm much greater.”

How will America feel when it sees its most vulnerable people paying such a horrible price just to keep the rich from paying higher taxes? Stay tuned.