Sometime back I told you about a little group of student protestors who were standing up for foreign workers. The little group tirelessly nagged the administration of the University of Texas to consider the working conditions of those who made tee shirts and other products for the university. I went to several of their gatherings and was very impressed with their sincerity. They carried pictures of workers who had been killed working in unsafe or inhumane conditions. They brought the stories of these workers to reluctant ears. 18 members of the group were even arrested in one protest.

President Bill Powers was caught in a very difficult position. The University was already a member of one group chartered to monitor labor conditions, but that group wasn’t trusted by labor groups. He would have to justify an expense of $50,000 to join the new group. I don’t even know if it was possible for the University to leave the group to which it belonged. Last week the President announced that the University would use both groups to make sure that Univerity of Texas garb will not be made in sweatshop conditions.

I am grateful to the little group of student activists who would not let the poor be forgotten. I am very grateful to President Powers for his courage to do the right thing in difficult circumstances. All those associated with the University of Texas should be very proud today, as they have declared themselves to be good citizens of the world.

Thanks to Allison Thompson for the story.

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