Yes, some members of the Tea Party are at it again. This time Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation is demanding that the President prove he isn’t gay, and has never done crack.

I have friends who belong to the Tea Party, but see themselves as innocent when such demagoguery arises from their midst. It as if someone could be a member of a lynch mob and pick and choose which of the group’s actions they were responsible for. We are responsible for all the actions of any group we join. When our group does wrong (as they all do), we all have a responsibility to say so.

I don’t know how typical I am, but I don’t care if the President is gay or even if he did drugs in the past. My question is for members of the Tea Party: can you prove you have a neo-cortex by speaking out against the hatred and slander coming out of your midst? It is not your fault that crazy people speak on your behalf, but it is your responsibility to distance yourself from their hatred and lies.

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