No religion starts from scratch. Every religion is a syncretistic mixture of what came before.

The very belief that our religion is unique and better than others may seem like piety, but it is a recipe for disaster when we consider the ramifications. The nation or sect that considers itself the exception to the rest of humankind holds itself to no external standard of ethics or truth.

This August 1st, 8th and 15th I will be presenting a noon workshop at Seton Cove on the Universal Roots of Christianity. We will look at how knowledge of earlier faiths help clarifies what early Christianity was about.

Week 1 we will look at Osiris and the roots of Christian communion.

Week 2 we will look at Persephone and the roots of a belief in hell.

Week 3 we will look at Sophia and realize that Jesus was calling us to universal wisdom not sectarian belief.

I have waived a fee, but the cost of the class is $75 which covers lunch and the ongoing programs at the cove. Registration can be done at or calling 512-451-0272.