This border fence is finally making sense. For a while it seemed strange when undocumented immigration was at a forty year low to obsess on building a border wall. John McCain said the new improved wall would give us the “most militarized border since the fall of the Berlin Wall.” So now the Berlin Wall was a good thing? I was getting so confused. But not any more.

It is now becoming clear that the wall will funnel money to military contractors. It is estimated that unmanned drones cost ten times as much as the small piloted crafts used before, but then the firms that make the drones spent $2.5 million last year on lobbying so, of course, the new legislation will require new drones, 50 fixed surveillance towers 72 fixed camera towers, 28 mobile surveillance systems and 685 unattended ground sensors. Only certain military contractors have such capacity. Are you starting to get the picture?

To get a sampling of the money to be made on such a project, consider this: Boeing made $1.2 billion dollars over five years in a fence building project that was eventually cancelled. No wonder defense contractors are lining up to bid on the border wall. Whether it is a failed war or failed wall they always get to keep the money.