As an experiment, I wish one state would go completely Libertarian for a decade. The state would need to be a border state or Florida. Then, for ten years, the state would have no taxes, no public health care, no minimum wage, no public schools, no public fire departments and no police. Furthermore, if the state is invaded, the national army would not have to defend it.

For ten years the state would have no government, just businesses, and talk shows and lots and lots of guns. Epidemics would be dealt with by individual initiative. The same method would be used to deal with polluting businesses, price gouging and war lords. To test the truth of libertarian theory, there would be absolutely nothing in the state to protect weak from strong.

We would need to build a wall around the state and seal the gates. After ten years we would reopen the gates to see who still whines about paying their fair share of taxes to live in a civilized society.