Why do I have to live my life in the scope of your rifle?


Dear NRA friend,

I am writing you to ask you to leave your gun at home. I am not asking you to give up what it takes to protect your home, or to hunt, I am asking you to leave guns out of our public spaces.

I understand that you may not trust me. When I speak against gun violence I usually receive personal threats. One man wrote last year saying if I came to take his gun, he would fire two warning shots- one to my chest and one to my head.  But I am not trying to take his or your guns. I am trying to have a conversation with you. I am asking you to voluntarily discern between what actually makes you safer, and what threatens us all.

I scarcely recognize my nation any more. How can we be the “home of the brave” if we let fear make our most important decisions? I am not trying to take anything from you. I am trying to speak to you as a fellow citizen. If I had to choose between being your victim or your assassin, I would chose the former, because I refuse to lose my humanity just to save my life. I do not understand the fear that grips your soul and shuts down your heart.

I am asking you to join me in seeking out some middle ground where we can both feel safe. I do not want to take your guns. Neither do I want to live my life in the scope of your rifle.


Your fellow citizen