Abortion is a unique ethical dilemma. One human being develops within another. Men have no parallel experience.

In ideal situations we affirm both lives, but there are other times when we must distinguish between an actual human person and a developing one. When push comes to shove we must decide whether the woman is the context for the pregnancy, or the pregnancy is the context of the woman.

I distinguish between being pro-life as a philosophy and trying to pass laws that restrict abortion in the same way I distinguish between those who want to prevent divorce and those who would make it illegal. Trying to prevent divorce is a noble goal most of us share, but most sane people have realized that writing coercive laws against divorce creates more pain than it eliminates. Just it is best to help marriages be happy without standing in the way of divorce, so is it better to give women better options than abortion without standing in their way if they themselves determine abortion is their best option.

As much as we might wish it otherwise, there are some human goods that cannot be obtained with coercion.