A note to those who have checked out of the political process: yesterday faithful activists in New Jersey convinced the state legislature in New Jersey to join 8 other states in calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen United. “Citizens United” is the infamous Supreme Court ruling that claimed that corporations were “persons.”

It is important to recognize the shell game that electoral politics have become, but it is also important to do the good that is possible for us within the system while we work for more fundamental change.

While most Americans were either voting mindlessly between the false options available, or sitting at home criticizing, activists in New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Hawaii, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Vermont were trying to save the world.

It understandable and very human to throw in the towel when things seem hopeless. But even if we are going down, it is important that we go fighting. Even if we knew our species were facing certain extinction, we would still want to live our last day faithfully on behalf of our species and planet, and to breathe our last breath as a hymn to our highest value.