A shocking new international report comparing our educational system with that of over 30 developed nations draws in question some basic assumptions many have about our schools.

Myth #1: Our educational system provides more upward mobility than any other in the world.

Myth #2: Our teachers (protected by their greedy unions) work less and get paid more.

Myth #3: Big government (via our tax dollars) funds higher education.

Myth #4: We provide excellent early childhood education.

Myth #5: We have the highest percentage of college grads in the world.

If you or someone you care about believes the above phrases to be true, please click on the link below. As the article says, “when it comes to education, proves we’re so far from being number one, that the entire idea of American exceptionalism should be called into question. Rather than thumping our chests, we should be going to school on how other developed nations, especially those in Europe, invest in education. However, we have little chance of learning until we break through the mythology that blinds us to our decline.”

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