If Adam Smith and Karl Marx both came back from the dead and saw the distortions that now bear their names, it would be interesting to see which one commited suicide first. Both men assumed a set of humanistic values without which either system becomes a heartless, bloodless machine. As important as it is to lobby and vote, we must realize there is no strong chain that can be made with weak links. As long as our nation is filled with people who do not know basic civics, who have learned and accepted the standard false history of our nation, have never read another nation’s newspaper, nor learned reverence for another religion’s view of life, then it does not ultimately matter who our leader is. A nation that does not embody its highest principles, but instead counts on heroes to save them, is nearing its own death. As Eugene V. Debs used to say, as long as a Moses can lead the people into the promised land, there is somebody else who can lead them back out.