Part of the reason I love studying religion, is that I love the quirkiness of human perception. For me “metaphysics” is not about studying some unknowable other realm, but trying to intuitively explore the strange mysterious membrane between our conscious mind and the material substrate from which it emerges.

Our bodies respond to the world metaphorically. “Up” seems good or important, “down” seems bad or “lowly.” Going “forward” seems like progress, going “backward” feels like we are “losing ground.” “Hot” feels more like anger, “cool” like being calm. And the list goes on.

Even colors can evoke feelings. We can view that effect as as a meaningless quirk, but perhaps it contains some information written into our tissue about our place in the web of life. If butterflies can be guided by color, perhaps there is something it can teach us, too. The following link is a scientific ode to the color blue.  It asks question like, why is blue so calming? Why is it the most popular color? Why is it linked with being sad? To read link, click here: