What irony! At a recent conference on energy a representative from Saudi Arabia announced that they plan to  move to 100% renewable sources of energy. Needless to say, we are still betting on the fossils.

Just as the English empire unknowingly sealed its fate by choosing to bet on coal (I assume because that’s what the rich minority made money off of) so has the American empire time dated itself if it does not disconnect itself from non-renewable sources of energy.

But there is hope. Whereas Mitt Romney’s energy plan entails fracking, blasting and off shore drilling, Obama’s energy policy, while nowhere as progressive as Norway, Germany and now possibly Saudi Arabia, it still has fostered investments in wind and solar. The fact that such energy is more expensive and still suffers disastrous failures from time to time is completely and totally irrelevant in the long run. “Renewables”are our only lifeboat from the sinking ship of fossil fuel based economies.

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