Monsanto, like many corporations, is a soulless predatory machine. The machine built only to make money. It considers denying its own pollution and settling wrongful death lawsuits to be a cost of doing business.

Monsanto is currently helping fund a campaign in California to convince voters that some food labeling is a bad idea. It isn’t an easy sell, but Henry Miller is doing a bang up job. Monsanto and other pesticide companies are paying him to convince voters that any attempt to find out if there are pesticides in their foods is actually a ploy by fat cat lawyers to make a buck off the back of hardworking companies like Monsanto.

Henry Miller is the perfect face for the campaign. He has defended DDT, and worked to discredit the scientific links between tobacco and cancer. He has claimed that some amount of leakage from the nuclear industry might have health benefits. Oh, and he also works on climate change denial.

So if you’re looking for a scary Halloween costume, click on the link below. Frankenstein had nothing on these guys.