The Reverend Clovis Jones gave a sermon on the virgin birth one Wednesday evening. That night, his daughter Amy couldn’t sleep. The story of the virgin birth was no longer believable to her. She felt lost. Late that night she wondered who she was and what might be her purpose in life. Every time she tried to find her own thoughts, she would hear her father’s voice instead. The thoughts that would come to her were sometimes noble and good, but they were not her own. As much as she loved her father, his influence stood as a giant shadow between her and her own soul.

When morning broke, Amy walked over to the cabin where Texas Buddha was staying. She sat on the porch until she saw a light go on in the house. She knocked gently.

Seeing Amy’s face was enough for TB to know her struggle. Without saying a word, TB came out onto the porch to sit beside her.

“You always say that life is our teacher, but how can I believe that there is any guidance in life at all? I don’t believe that Jesus was born of a virgin. I don’t believe in providence. I’m not sure I even believe in God.” Amy sat gently rocking, not looking up. “I can’t find my own voice. I love my father, but I can’t get his voice out of my head so I can hear my own.” Tears fell on her knee.

After a time, TB spoke just above a whisper, “Do you trust me Amy?”

She looked up, surprised at the question, “Of course, I trust you. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.”

“Then please consider what I am saying. You are a very wise person. Your confusion is leading you where you need to go. The point of religion is for you to feel your connections to the rest of life, not to believe certain ideas. And the story of the virgin birth isn’t about sex, it’s about the fact that you have been born with everything you need for your journey. Your soul’s deepest wisdom does not come from the outside. Your soul is wise because it knows it is a microcosm of everything else.”

Feeling an unexpected flash of anger Amy said, “I don’t believe you.” She continued to look down.

TB Smiled. “That’s good. I don’t want you to believe me, I just want you to trust just enough to think about what I am saying.”

TB got up and went into the cabin. When he came back he put a bird’s egg in Amy’s hand.

“Please consider this egg very carefully. This egg has written within it how the bird is to build its nest. It has written within it a map of where the bird will need to migrate. This egg even has written within it, the song the bird is to sing. You cannot consider this egg for long, and not realize that you too are fully connected to the universe.”